America's Home Front Heroes: An Oral History of World War II brings together in one rich resource the voices of those whom history often leaves out—the ordinary men, women, and children caught up in an extraordinary time.
America's Home Front Heroes is divided into four sections: A Time for Heightened Passion, A Time for Caution and Prejudice, A Time for Flag Waving, and A Time for War Plant Women. The 34 brief oral histories within these sections capture the full diversity of the United States during the war, with contributions coming from men, women, and children of all backgrounds, including Japanese Americans, conscientious objectors, African Americans, housewives, and journalists. A treasure trove for researchers and World War II enthusiasts, this remarkable volume offers members of “the greatest generation” an opportunity to relive their defining era. For those with no direct experience of the period, it's a chance to learn firsthand what it was like living in the United States at a pivotal moment in history.
  • 34 concise oral histories describing everyday life in the United States during World War II
  • Four sections: A Time for Heightened Passion, A Time for Caution, A Time for Flag  Waving, and A Time for War Plant Women
  • Based entirely on primary sources—letters, journals, correspondence, interviews, etc—from people who lived through World War II on the American home front
  • Photographs that capture the look and feel of how life changed for Americans at home during World War II
  • Includes contributions and photographs from Martha Kostyra, mother of Martha Stewart
Stacy Enyeart is a freelance portrait writer and former newspaper film critic, advertising copywriter, magazine publisher/editor, and film documentary script writer. An inherent curiosity about people from all walks of life have inspired her to put pen to paper regarding their life experiences. Prime examples are the home front heroes in this book.
Currently she serves a board member of the National League of American Pen Women (Fairfield County branch), as well as the Connecticut Press Club. She is also a recent recipient of the Community Service Award from AARP headquarters in Washington, D.C.
She is also the coproducer of two half-hour cable television interview shows, “Creative Women Today” and “Ageless,” interviewing men and women age 50 and above who remain energetic and productive. To learn more about Ageless, click HERE.
"Those who served on America's home front during World War II have much to teach us in our struggle against the terrorists who seek to destroy our democracy. America's Home Front Heroes highlights recollections from some of those who were there during those dark days, and others who shared in the rebuilding of our national resources in the years that followed. Their contributions continue to stand as a testament to patriotism and the enduring American spirit."
Former Congressman Christopher Shays -

"I applaud Stacy Enyeart's effort to enlighten Baby Boomers about this important time in our history. My own parents were more comfortable forgetting the challenges they lived through than retelling them. This was my loss in gaining a close understanding of such a critical time. America's Home Front Heroes closes that gap."
Maxine Blewis - Library Director, Westport (CT) Public Library